Education illuminates the world

The entire world recognizes Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel mural as a work of genius inside a Catholic Church. We don't have to be Greek to appreciate Pythagoras' theorem, which is studied in textbooks around the world. People in many countries outside of Spain enjoy Flamenco music and dance. Japanese sushi is enjoyed in faraway places like Yuma. The list is endless.

A liberal education explores the multifaceted contribution of each country and culture, inspiring us to develop into well-rounded, unprejudiced humans. It opens doors to new opportunities, to widen our horizons and to help us develop admiration for the diversity found from country to country.

The more we read and study, and the more people we meet and exchange ideas with, the more we realize that people are different, but they all make important contributions to the human race.

When embarking on an education, we need to have an open mind, to look at the world with a fresh vision and to investigate the validity of the various lifestyles that have developed around the world.

Every country is just a different facet of the jewel of human existence and is a beautiful part of the expression of being a human on Planet Earth. When combined with a willingness to learn, an education provides the illumination that will enlighten the world.

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