Rocky Horror takes over

With a "V" on my chest, rice in my hair and a theater full of people, I entered the AWC Theater filled with anticipation on the night of Oct. 30 to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

As traditional for Rocky Horror performances, the virgin sacrifices began at 11 p.m., and the movie started at midnight.

The experience was surreal. Three projectors showed the movie while AWC theatre majors acted out the entire cult classic while in full costume and makeup.

On approaching the building, theatergoers were hounded by the actors for valid ID cards. After proof of age they asked if they had seen the show before. If they said yes, they were marked with an "S" for slut. If not, then they were marked "V" for virgin.

With garter belts on their legs and not much else, the whole show was pretty racy. However, the whole experience of the cult classic will leave you awed and satisfied for not missing out.

I couldn't help thinking how many people partying that Saturday had missed such a remarkable event. The die-hard Rocky fans, though, were there early, interacting with the movie -- throwing rice and toast, shouting out lines and singing the songs.

The actors gave their all and made me proud to be supporting the arts.

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