Bagel, please: A review of the Yuma Bagel Company

Opening a new business in the middle of a pandemic sounds risky, but that risk seems to be paying off with the opening of the Yuma Bagel Company.

YBC opened for business on November 7 at 2431 South Fourth Ave., in a shopping strip next to Taco Salsa. Locals are excited to get a dedicated bagel shop that is locally owned.

“Finally, there’s a place to get good bagels,” said Adrian Garza, a first-time customer of the YBC. “There aren’t many options to get one around here.”

According to Robert Pruitt, an employee at YBC, the shop sold out of bagels early in its first couple days.

“It was super busy,” said Pruitt. “We didn’t think there was going to be a long line of people out the door on the first day.”

YBC offers a wide selection of bagels, sandwiches and spreads that would satisfy just about anyone’s taste. The bagels, made fresh with quality ingredients on location at the shop, include Plain, Multi Grain and Everything. And then there are the signature bagels – Jalapeno Cheddar, Chocolate Chip and Asiago Cheese.

I found the Everything Bagel with Hummus to be especially delicious. The bagel was toasted just right, and the hummus was very flavorful and unique.

“My favorite is the cinnamon raisin bagel with strawberry spread,” said Jesus Tapia.

The shop also offers coffee, bottled drinks and lemonades, including their signature Jalapeno Lemonade. Unfortunately, they don’t currently offer any espresso drinks.

The inside of the shop is a bit small, only hosting two tables and a bar to seat another four. Waiting in line to order felt a bit crammed and awkward as I had to stand very closely to the tables. Other than that, they make good use of the space they have. A lot of bagel enthusiasts are on the go anyway, so a small dining area isn’t the end of the world.

Presentation is a key component to any product, and YBC offers a modern, simple look. The inside is simply decorated with a modern look and gives a very welcoming feel. The stools are comfortable, and the interior is white, which allows for a bright atmosphere and makes the space feel more open. Food items are neatly packaged in an elegant paper bag that resembles Apple Store bags.

The customer service was exceptional. The two cashiers were very friendly and helpful with answering questions. YBC has an active presence on social media, which allows customers to interact with the business and view photos and promotional offers.

“I follow their Instagram,” Michelle Sidas. “I like seeing the menu items, and they post daily updates on their story.”

It looks like YBC is doing all the right things to have a thriving business and attract regulars. Anyone who enjoys a bagel or just likes to try something new will not be disappointed.

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