Book review: Selfish

By Luis Garcia

Kim Kardashian and her family have been some of the most talked about celebrities since their reality TV show debuted back in 2007. Some of the most well-known discussions about Kim Kardashian have always been about her large butt and being famous for absolutely nothing. However, the topic of the discussion has changed. She recently released a book of selfies titled Selfish. It is a 445-page book filled with nothing but you guessed it, SELFIES!

The book includes a collection of selfies of Kim with her famous family and friends, and her infamous rapper husband Kanye West. The selfies span the years between 2006 and 2014 and range from Kim posing with her daughter to completely showing her "assets."
You've probably already guessed that as a book of selfies, it doesn't have much writing. The photos do include captions that Kim herself wrote; unfortunately, they're really repetitive and quickly become pretty annoying.

The book itself is quite thick and has some weight to it. It is a good travel size and there is no other book like it out there. Kim really is the queen of selfies and shows it in her new book. It was nice being able to see how her appearance has changed over the years. However, if you are not a fan on Kim or want a book to actually read, then this book is surely not for you.

Outsiders of the Kardashian fandom will laugh at Kim's book and will think it is pointless. Either way, this book has already been widely talked about and is well on the way to becoming a pop-culture sensation. At this writing, it is #32 on the list of bestsellers.
Kim Kardashian is the first celebrity to create of book of selfies, and we will see if others follow in her path. You can purchase Kim's book "Selfish" anywhere where books are sold -- or not. I'm sure you can see a selfie of her somewhere on social media.

Photo courtesy of Rizzoli publishing

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