The DIRTY THIRTY Show premieres

By Abel Montoya and Leti Lemus

The Dirty Thirty Show premiered its second season Wednesday, September 15 live at AWC and continues to play new weekly episodes.

The "Dirty Thirty" is a half-hour, student-driven show consisting of interviews, skits and discussions amongst the hosts, including Abel Montoya, Michelle Murphy, Diamond Williams and Leti Lemus. The cast and crew are avidly working the AWC pavements by asking students and other innocent bystanders offbeat comedic questions.

"I'm expecting this year to be a bigger success than last year and will broaden our viewers," says show director Roger Martinez. "We want to get more involved with school education this semester and to entertain as many people as we can." This semester The Dirty Thirty Show will be focusing on discovering musical talent in Yuma. "We are looking for various talented artists or anyone who has something interesting to show," he added.

"Word of the Streets" has become one of the show's weekly segments, with one of the hosts go out on campus and asking students to use a complete sentence with the word of the week -- usually a word from the urban dictionary (http://www.urban Past weeks words have been trippin' and swag.

"Broke Living" gives tips and tricks to dorm living. Justine Aston cooks meals for cash-challenged students and gives her versions of how to spice up a simple meal.

Rudy Gonzales is a new addition to the show with live news on daily trivia and events. This part of the show is called, "Rudy's Roundup" -- definitely something to look forward to.

Some skits include "Dirty Dating," basically a parody of older versions of dating services. "Timmy and Tina the Telepathic Twins" is a miniseries about a brother and sister who have telepathic powers. And a lot more new material is soon to air.

Last season there were challenges, skits, stunts, beat boxing, break dancing, sky diving, zombies, skateboarding, cooking and interviews.

The Dirty Thirty airs on channel 74 live every Wednesday at 5 p.m. Reruns are everyday at 8 a.m., 5 p.m. and 11 p.m.

Fans can stay in contact with The Dirty Thirty Show and also view previous and upcoming shows at the Facebook website,!/theDirtyThirty?ref=ts , which has pictures, videos and a behind-the-scenes look at the show. The website provides feedback from Dirty Thirty viewers and gives them a chance to be involved with the show as well. The DIRTY THIRTY Show premieres

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