Spring fashion 2010: What's hot?

Spring is here and it is getting hot outside!! It's time to put away the long sleeves, snow boots and sweatshirts and bring out the shorts, sun dresses, and flip flops! As the "The Dirty Thirty" Fashion Expert and walking around the College checking out everybody's wardrobes, I came up with a few tips for the ladies around campus!

  1. Spring dresses are definitely the item to have this season. Very much inspired by the 50s and early 60s, vintage or new fashions hang right on the rack in every major clothing store -- Red Zone, Chickies Boutique and Coco's, for example. Look for little ruffles, flowing fabrics, big buttons and belts.

  2. White is everywhere! White goes with everything for every season, but you need to be careful with white because it can get dirty fast. I know everybody is familiar with the rule that you are not supposed to wear white after Labor Day. But some rules are meant to be broken. You can never go wrong with white; you can dress white up or down.

  3. Chunky shoes and platform sandals are still the rage this season. Be careful when pairing with your ë50s-inspired dress or you'll look like you came straight from a rummage sale and not the trendy shops. Of course, some might say that is the trend, too.

  4. Chunky necklaces are still in this season as well. Natural woods and brighter colors play a part in the spring continuation of this fall trend.

  5. A-line and tulip skirts are all over the spring fashion scene. Watch the length and the belting. A-line skirts are great camouflage for larger hips. Mid-waist skirts are also in and brightly colored or plain skirts are perfect for this season with just a plain tank top or tube top. Be mindful of doing "too much" with the shirt that you wear, though. Stay away from shirts with designs or sayings on them while wearing the mid-waist skirts.

  6. Tops are flirty with ruffles, cinching under the bust or using a belt to gather at the waist. These looks are great with jeans, loose-fitting trouser-style pants or skirts. They can also be paired with a tailored jacket and skirt or pants for work to add a little femininity to your tailored work attire.


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